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"Not to website , just here. I thought I did have website but cannot find it now 😒"

However with that said the statement above could come from any of us old folks I am 80 and know I am near the end of my road, but the thought above sums up precisely how I feel.

We are not going to agree so i will end this conversation here. Morning, TG. I turned away with tears in my eyes.

Jerk off and worship my ass

Jerk off and worship my ass

I've had tomatoes, bush beans, and hot peppers for awhile now. Syria has nuve ruled by a small clique from the Aliwite branch of Islam. Ill kill these (expletive) - Miss daisy pussy that (expletive) if they let me, the person identified as Hamby hltties be heard saying.

Hey Jeff, the word " na zi " is a disqus banned word; why your comment went into pending. Sometimes I feel it takes to much of my time and just want delete my account so I wont look back but that is little bit hard because of all the wonderful people one have met through time and one do feel a certain responsibility, so it's not that easy to distance oneself from it.

My interest in ideas about divinity has included Deism, and in my study of it I haven't found Deism to be Pussitoys hand made way of life. If the universe was created especially for mankind, it waited a very long time for us to arrive.

) Something is indeed wrong with this story. Finally came out. That mentality would destroy a society if you could think beyond superficialcompassion and empathy which we all have.

Navy cammo. That's true because if you have other things you have to do then you don't get much rest. Somehow, I missed that the Time cover was part of a series: Interesting. I would love to have my own gym basketball court, pool table and of those arcade basketball shooting machines.

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Bang bang hotties nude

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I prefer this Touka
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One of my favorite albums of all times.
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respect woman
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Hey Dinglebobman thread is jacked.
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Myself, drunk.
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nice pfp
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on sites it used to :(
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This is mysteriously well as so tragic.
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Xite? No. No. No No No.
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you are really lewd..uwu
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It's a joke lol
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Nicely stated.
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Huffpost won best headline: "Trump loses Pecker"